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Free Children’s Yoga

childrens yoga gold coast

Children’s Yoga for healthy young bodies and minds Timetable Class terms Children’s Yoga Products Children’s Yoga Teacher Training (this link will take you to our website) Our Children’s Yoga classes help children banish anxiety, overcome stress, promote positive self-image and start instilling good habits at ages 5-11 years old. For …

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Pregnancy Yoga

pregnancy yoga

Yoga can be very beneficial for pregnant mums. It helps you breathe and relax, which in turn can help you adjust to the physical demands of a normal pregnancy, labour, birth and motherhood. Doing yoga when you’re pregnant can be a wonderful way to put time aside for yourself and …

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What is Shanti Yoga?

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SHANTI YOGA™ is a holistic comprehensive system of yoga developed by yoga master Shanti Gowans. “Shanti” is a Sanskrit word that means peace. Shanti Yoga™ is integrated yoga made easy. It incorporates the physical aspects of hatha yoga and amalgamates it with all the other yoga paths, combining the spiritual …

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Membership & Class Fees

yoga gold coast class fees

Yoga Class payment options Find out more about our gift to you Type Details Cost Drop in Single Sessions Adults $20 (55 minute class) + $5 for add-on, back to back short class $25 (60+ minute class) Mon 9:15;10.15am; 6:30pm; Tues 10:30am; 11:30am; 6.30pm; Wed 6:30pm; 7:30pm & Thurs 10:30am; 11.30am Bollywood Dance …

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Yoga Gold Coast classes

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Yoga Class fees & membership Individual Classes are $20 (55 minute classes) or $25 (60+ minute classes) 30-day Membership and Annual Memberships allow you to attend unlimited classes. About Shanti Yoga classes Shanti Yoga classes are a peaceful, sacred, transformational practices for body mind and spirit. They present a unique …

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